Training Video Series

I made this series of videos for feline trap-neuter-return (TNR) volunteers as a supplement to in-person training. The eleven videos were designed using a combination of my own videos and images, Creative Commons audio clips, and the free trial of Articulate 360 Presenter, Replay, and Quizmaker.

The series is designed to provide just-in-time guidance and answers to questions as volunteers initiate their independent TNR projects. Volunteers can easily access the series on YouTube at any time, and each video covers a specific topic so locating information is easy. Duration ranges from roughly 10-40 minutes, and longer videos include in-depth demonstration and guidance.

Each video starts with a multiple-choice quiz question to test recall of information from a previous in-person training session. Following this is a discussion of the importance of the video topic to the whole TNR project, details about the topic, critical thinking questions, and a wrap-up quiz question. Most videos include demonstration or narrated guidance, where appropriate, and images and targeted animation to assist with learning.

This video series gives a really good idea of my style and narration. Below you’ll find one video in the series.

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