Health Care Training

health care workers

These two videos show parts of an eLearning lesson I created for a client. The topic is medical waste disposal, and health care workers are the target learners. The entire lesson is not shown to protect copyright (I have permission from the client to show these excerpts).

I designed this entire lesson using the client’s authoring platform. The complete lesson includes multiple formative assessment (quiz) questions spread throughout, and a 10-question quiz at the end. I narrate all the slides myself.

Part 1

This first video segment shows two of the lesson slides: the learning objectives and course introduction (I’ve spared you the gooey examples of medical waste). The learning objectives slide includes an explanation of the formative assessment questions learners will encounter throughout the lesson. Click on the video below to watch.

Part 2

This second segment shows an explanation of overclassification of medical waste, why this is an important topic, and a real-life example demonstrating the impact of proper medical waste segregation. You’ll also see one of my formative assessment questions and the summary slide.

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