Cat Coat Coloration Training

group of community cats

I designed this course, using Articulate 360 Rise, to educate feline rescue volunteers about the variety of cat coat color patterns. In a college or business setting, this course would be uploaded to an LMS, but my cat rescue group doesn’t have one. As a workaround, I made a screencast of myself going through the course, using Articulate Replay. Click on the video below to see the course from a learner’s perspective.

The lesson starts with an overview of why this topic is important, then moves into specific coat colorations. There are several quiz questions throughout the lesson to test retention.

I start the recording by making several incorrect choices for the first quiz question, to show the kind of feedback I provide for incorrect responses. It’s important for learners to understand why their choices are incorrect so they can learn from their mistakes.

I LOVE Articulate products and how they make it simple to design these kinds of fun, interactive learning experiences!

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