Cat Coat Coloration Game

calico cat

I designed this interactive game with Articulate Quizmaker as part of my supplemental training video series for feline rescue volunteers. The goal is for learners to match the images of the cats with the name of the cats’ coat coloration by moving the cat images over the appropriate boxes.

In a college or corporate setting, this game would be posted to an LMS so learners could work through it themselves. The non-profit for which I designed this does not have an LMS, so I had to get creative to make it a meaningful learning tool. I used Articulate Replay to show an image of the game and give viewers time to think about how they would solve it while some fun music played. Then I showed myself playing the game and narrating as though I was a learner. I demonstrated what it would look like when a learner chose both correctly and incorrectly.

Click on the video below, and go to 22:07 to watch me work through and narrate the game.

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